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    RADIANT CAD & CAM (RCC) is the CAD & CAM service providing company for making jewelry master models. RCC has designers with extensive experience in the domain of 3D modeling thereby allowing them to understand & produce customer models with a great deal of accuracy & aesthetic appeal. Our designers first try and understand your requirement in great detail & then send you On approval, the model will be finalized and submitted for CAM.

    This entire process is made extremely in direct contact with the customers to resolve their queries in an economical, ethical and transparent way. We have high end workstations suited for 3D modeling and the latest version of 3D Jewellery modeling software’s .Most importantly,All our services align with quality standards and norms, and are executed to perfection as per specific requirement of our clients.Under the leadership and guidancewe are growing day-by-day to a prominent organization. RCCguarantees you high-quality, timeless designs, and exceptional customer service. Hold one outing through our website and you will realize why RCC ideally yours.

  • How We Work

    All great designs begin with great concept. this can be a sketch, photograph or a live physical piece with ass the required specifications of stone size, metal weight etc. probided by the client.

    The most important step to convert the design into 3D drawing in witch we define the details required. Our dedicated team of experienced and creative designers make designs precisely as per given specifications.
    After the CAD is completed we provide a rendered image for viewing & approval to client with 3D views. All stone details and approximate metal weight are given in Silver.

    After the client approves emergence of affordable & high resolution 3D Printers that can directly print CAD files to CAM models that can further be casted.

    From CAM output, a transperant silicon mould is cut. The wax piece injected through this mould is used to further produce a master model by casting. RTV is also a good option when production volumes are relatively low However, you may do sampling from the same silicon mould.

    What Are The Benefits Of Radiantcadcam

    We possible to bring your 3D jewelry dreams to reality by CAD/CAM.

  • CAD Institute

    This is the newest technology in the world market to make highly technical jewellery master models.The team at RCC is highly skilled and dedicated to create an industry standard in educating jewelry professionals, who can cater to the growing demand of CAD specialists.Our approach offers students a comprehensive insight and hands-on experience on how to design not only beautiful creations but also mechanically well constructed pieces of jewelry.

    Learn to use curves and surfaces to make 3d solid objects. Use the six basic construction techniques to create rings, pendants, earrings,bracelets,necklaces and bangles. Learn to add gemstones to your creation, and render photo-realistic images of your three dimensional designs. There are no pre-requisites, but a basic understanding of jewelry design, manufacturing, and terminology is helpful.

    In this coursesfor Jewelry you will learn how to:

    This courses is specific to the jewelry industry, and focuses on techniques for jewelry design and manufacturing using the 3D software program.

    CAD allows visualisation of design in any desired viewing angle and provides powerful free forming tools that allow high degree of freedom to create artistic and stylish designs. 3-D designs are stored as data files and can be converted into high quality photo realistic rendering picture for design presentation

    Finally It will bring your creation to reality, at the control of your fingertips.

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    Please contact here If you have any queries or suggestions Mr. Arvind Kr. Sharma
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